Thursday, August 16, 2012

In Which It Heats Up

It got up to 95 degrees here today; it's currently past 11:00 at night and it's still 80 degrees in my house.  Connor's room has the window open, a fan at the window on, a bucket of ice positioned in front of the fan, and I've been sponging him down every twenty minutes or so.  If it's like this tomorrow-- which it's supposed to be-- we'll probably end up in a hotel for the night.  The night nurse won't be here, and sponging Connor off every twenty minutes through half the night isn't going to be a great option. 

Tuesday and our air conditioning can't get here soon enough!

Connor had a so-so day, he ended up having two seizures.  He had a couple seizures yesterday too; I think it's mostly weather related.  Even though we're spending the vast majority of our time in cool places, it's still a shock to his system every time we transition in or out of a place, and that can't be good for him.  Either that or he's getting sick, which would be bad news in this weather.  We really, really don't need him to have a fever and be dealing with hot weather at the same time.

The good news was that we didn't spend all day today trundling around the mall!  Another military family in the area graciously offered to let us come over to their air conditioned house and hang out, and we ended up staying for about four hours.  It was so lovely to be able to sit and chat with a pleasant person on a couch instead of spending all day trooping through the food court for the 800th time.  It was especially nice since Connor didn't feel well, so he could snuggle up with me and take a nap instead of spending all day in his chair.  And also he got to pet a couple of cute dogs and watch television, so other than the seizures it was probably a fantastic day in his book.

Thankfully it's supposed to cool down on Saturday, though we're supposedly going to have a thunderstorm.  We've had an unusually high number of those this year; this area has one of the lowest storm rates in the country so I usually only hear thunder a couple of times a year.  Unlike the heat I welcome the storms; they're one of the few things about living in Texas that I really miss. 

Bring on the cool weather!


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