Thursday, August 23, 2012

In Which We Chill Out And Connor Plays At Gumby

Photo taken by the talented Emerald England.
It's blissfully cool in our house, because we have air conditioning! 

The gentleman who installed it arrived this morning and was finished in about three and a half hours.  It's very quiet-- I can't tell when it's on unless I go stand over one of our floor vents, where it becomes very obvious.  I'm so glad that we don't have to worry any more about what the temperature is outside, because Connor will be comfortable and safe in our house.  I'm really, really not going to miss those twelve hour days in the mall.

Connor had physical therapy today, which went well.  His hamstring, torso and neck flexibility is slowly improving as I've started stretching him out two or three times a day.  He's still not really thrilled with the stretching (except for the torso rotations-- he seems to like those) but he's tolerating it a lot better as he gets used to the regime. 

The next step will be to order him some leg extension splints.  Basically these are wraps that will fit him from thigh to ankle; they have rods that will run down the sides of his legs to keep his knees from bending.  They help with stretching him out, and he'll also eventually be wearing them to bed.  I don't think he'll be terribly thrilled with that development, but it should really help with keeping his joints loose and mobile so he'll be wearing them anyway.  It'll be a while though, because we still have to order them.

Em stopped by shortly after Connor and I arrived home from PT to pick Mary up; they were headed up north so Mary could shoot some portraits for Em and her family as part of their photo exchange.  While she was here, she dropped off the rest of the gorgeous images she took of Mary, Connor and me, and they're all so good I can't figure out which ones I like best!  I'll probably post some of them over the next few days-- like this ridiculously cute shot of Connor in his fedora. 

He's totally wearing that hat on the first day of school, and if I can find him a pinstriped suit he'll be in that as well.  You only get to do the first day of elementary school once, and Connor's going to do it in style!



Emerald said...

<3 I am so happy to have met you, Connor & Mary. I can't wait to meet more of your remarkable family!

Ann said...

I love this picture!

Julia O'C said...

Oh, Connor in that fedora! He's so cute that it makes my heart hurt!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Ohh, the extreme cuteness!

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