Sunday, August 12, 2012

In Which Connor Is Doing Well

It was another hot day today, so Connor and I spent most of it away from the house in various air conditioned places around town.  We're in line to get our air conditioner installed, but unfortunately everybody else seems to want AC too right now, so there's a bit of a wait.  I'm really hoping it will happen this week; it's supposed to get up into the nineties again on Tuesday and I'm getting very, very tired of malls. 

This week is a busy one for Connor; he has physical therapy Monday, his appointment to pick up his new earmolds (finally!) on Tuesday, and a dental appointment on Wednesday.  So we'll be doing quite a bit of running around.  He was back to his typical happy self today, though he did have one small seizure.  It's the first seizure he's had in over two weeks, which is a pretty good gap for him.  I'm so, so happy we know about the whole not-sweating thing now; we've had some really hot days and he'd probably be in bad shape right now if I wasn't taking precautions about keeping him cool. 

Thank goodness for modern medicine!


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