Monday, July 11, 2011

In Which Connor And I Are Sicky Sadkins

So Connor and I spent the majority of today in bed.  This is because we are both not feeling so hot right now.

Connor was running a fever and had five seizures before I gave him some Diastat.  He actually perked up after the Diastat, which as it's a sedative tells you just how punky he was feeling.  He was a little limp wet noodle, of course, but much more cheery.  I'll keep him on Tylenol for the next few days and hopefully the Diastat will keep the seizures at bay until he's better.  Usually the effects last a couple of days with him.

I'm not running a fever, but I seem to have picked up some sort of a stomach bug, which has not been particularly fun.  I asked Jeremy to bring me home some saltines, chicken broth and chicken soup, and that's pretty much what I've eaten today.  No doubt I've gotten about 400% of my required sodium intake.  Oh well.  I started out with the saltines and the chicken broth, and then I tried a little chicken soup, which proved to be a mistake.  I've gone back to the saltines and chicken broth for now and I'll repeat the experiment in the morning.

The fact that I actually requested saltines should tell you that I'm really not feeling good, by the way.  Normally I far prefer crackers that have way, way more butter in them.  Because butter is awesome.  But I don't really want to think about butter right now because it's making me kind of queasy.

Luckily Jeremy feels fine, which is a very good thing.  I hope he stays healthy and free of either one of these bugs (I'm not totally convinced that Connor and I have the same thing) because having the whole house sick would really not be any fun. 

Who would restock us on saltines and chicken broth?



Julia said...

Sorry to hear it -- hope you both feel better soon. I'll have you know that I worked the topic of velociraptors into a lesson for one of my courses for the fall. In the form of a threat. I thought Jeremy might appreciate that. Nothing like a good predator-prey reference to get college students to hit the books.

Julia O'C said...

Chicken. In a blender! I love Jeremy's sense of humor.

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