Saturday, July 9, 2011

In Which Connor Doesn't Feel So Hot And We Finish The Deck

Today Connor had a small seizure-- his first in about two weeks.  We think he might be coming down with a virus; our respite care worker's daughter is sick and the timing would be about right.  He seemed a little worn down and clingy today, so it may be that he's not feeling very good.  We'll see what things look like tomorrow.

Can I just say that going for two whole weeks without any seizures has been pretty fantastic?  Seriously-- it's been a huge weight off my shoulders to see a happy, healthy kid for a little while and know that he's had a chance to recover.  I think that it'll make it so much easier for him to bounce back quickly if our suspicions are correct and he is getting sick. 

In between snuggle sessions Connor today I still managed to get quite a bit done.  While Jeremy alternated between playing with the little guy and tinkering with the washing machine I put a second coat of stain on our deck.  So the deck is now officially finished!  Well, until the next time it needs to be restained, anyway.  Hopefully that won't be for a little while.  We found this tool called a

Jeremy also vacuumed the house and cleaned the kitchen, because he is awesome like that. 

After the deck dried and we were able to walk on it again, Jer and I wheeled the boy outside and got to work installing the arbor.  It's been leaning up against the house for weeks now, so it's high time we got it in the ground.  After a lot of digging, checking levels, digging again, checking levels again, filling in holes and so on and so forth we managed to get it pretty upright and even.  It's cemented in place now, so whether or not it's perfectly level it's not going anywhere!  I'll plant the akebia vine tomorrow and then we'll have one more project finished.  Next on the list is staining the inside of the fence.  Hopefully that will go quickly and I'll be able to install our trellises.  After that I'll mulch, and then I think that the biggest construction-type projects we plan to accomplish outdoors this summer will be finished! 


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Julia O'C said...

Noooo! Not a seizure!! Ugh. Was this an, "I think I'm going to stop breathing for a while," kind of seizure or the other kind? Whatever. It still stinks.

I hope he's doing better today, and that you're getting to enjoy that awesome deck!

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