Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In Which We Have A Lazy Day

Connor had yet another sleepless night; he woke up off and on through the wee hours.  I find that I prefer having my sleep in four hour blocks (even if four hours is all I get) rather than two hour time blocks throughout the night.  I ended up taking a really long nap in the afternoon, which was nice except now I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep!  Oh well.

Jer and I spent a lazy day today; other than Connor's daily golf cart ride we pretty much stuck to the house.  It's been so nice to have that option; normally our days are so busy that we have to catch quick moments to ourselves, so it's a luxury to have so much free time together.  We got to see some really neat pictures of Jer's aunt's trip to Egypt, which made me think a lot about how excited I am to get to travel to Thailand!  Not that our trip will be any time soon; we'll be lucky if we're traveling this time next year.  But it's fun to think about how we'll plan things and what we'll try to see while we're there.  Hopefully we'll have time to do at least a little bit of sightseeing with Ellen when we go.

Her care package should have gotten there by now, and I'll be working on a second one to send to her when we get back from vacation!  I'm hoping it didn't get held up in customs or anything; this is the first time we've tried to send anything to her by mail so it's kind of new territory for us.  I'm already thinking about what we should send her for the next one!  I'd like to get at least two or three more off to her before our agency travels to Thailand again in the fall.

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about how great it will be to show Ellen the lake when she gets here.  Some people don't like the idea of adopting older kids because then they miss all the "firsts:" first step, first loose tooth, etc.  But there are so many "firsts" that we'll get the chance to share with her, like her first time on a waverunner!  We'll get to take her fishing, out on a boat (though living in Thailand she's probably done that), for a spin in the golf cart, swimming in the lake and even wakeboarding or water skiing if that's something she wants to do. 

I can't wait to see her experience all of those things for the first time; I think it will make them just as new and exciting for me! 



leah said...

Lazy days are the best! Ellen will love the care package - I really hope the time goes by quickly so that she can get home! There will be so many "firsts" - there will be an entire new world to explore, and she'll be old enough to really enjoy it!

gloria said...

I'm so excited for you guys. I can't wait to meet her. One day. We'd love to make it back out to Washington.

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