Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In Which I Have A Me Day

Today Joanna came over and while Connor watched How To Train Your Dragon, she gave me a much needed massage.  I pulled my lower back a week or so ago and then skated a couple of derby scrimmages in a row shortly afterwards, which probably didn't help any except that it distracted me from noticing how my back hurt because so many other things hurt too. 

Anyway, after I got my much needed extremely-painful-at-the-time-but-feels-great-later medical massage, Jo watched Connor for a few hours and I got to go play!  I spent some time in various thrift and craft stores finding things that I could potentially convert into costume pieces for my steampunk roller derby outfit, because I'm just that excited about making this thing that I want to get started right away.  Then I came home and spent a while at the dining room table with a pair of old knee pads, some metallic copper paint, patina acid wash, a square of leather, a brass grate cover and a pair of plastic tentacles.  I'm having some serious fun!

I'm sad to say that Connor didn't have quite as much fun as me today, despite getting some time to play with Joanna.  He had a pair of seizures today and ended up spending a good portion of his time with her sleeping off the effects.  Looks like probably what we're seeing is a medication failure again, as his temperature was normal and he seemed otherwise fine.  I'll be giving the hospital a call, though Connor's neurologist is on vacation for the week so it may take a little while before we get things adjusted. 

I know-- shocking, right?  Neurologists aren't supposed to go on vacation.  They're supposed to sleep on an exam table by the phone waiting for parents like me to call them. 

Anyway, so hopefully Connor will be doing a bit better by this weekend.  Jer and I have a long day trip planned while Joanna watches the little guy; we're headed out to Vashon Island.  We haven't been to the island before, and we figured it might be fun to check out the art galleries and shops in Vashon, hike a bit of the shoreline and just take in the sights.  I'm looking forward to spending some one-on-one time with Jer!

And also looking for more parts for my costume.  Vashon has thrift stores, right? 


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