Monday, July 4, 2011

In Which It Is The Fourth Of July

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

We spent ours together happily as a family.  Connor stayed up entirely too late last night (three in the morning!), probably due to the thunderstorm, so we didn't go out and find fireworks again tonight.  Instead he watched a few on television with the rest of the family while I took a nap.  He seemed to enjoy this, if the level of screaming I heard coming from the living room was any indication.

Other activities today included the now-traditional evening golf cart ride, in which Connor applauded after all of the really big hills.  Also Jeremy and I took the waverunners out for a spin again.  The water was much smoother today and we caught some big wakes behind a few cruisers, though I kept hitting them just wrong and ending up with a nose full of water on the second wave.  There's an art to wake jumping that I haven't quite mastered yet.  Jer's been coming out to the lake and riding around on a waverunner practically every year since preadolescence, so he's slightly better at it than me.  Oh well.  I've got plenty of summers to figure it out!

I hope everyone had just as wonderful a time today as we did, and my thoughts go out to all of our fellow military families, some of whom are celebrating without their loved ones nearby this year.  Much love to you and yours!


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