Sunday, July 24, 2011

In Which Connor Has An Uplifting Experience And Jer And I Write A Letter

Connor had no seizures today!  Whoo hoo!  He was pretty feisty today; we did a whole lot of standing practice and he's started doing something new.  He very carefully lifts one leg up and puts his full weight on the other leg!  This is a huge step (almost literally) for him, as this is the first time he's realized he can lift a leg up and put it down without falling over.  He still needs plenty of support and balance from us, of course, but it would be amazing if we could get him to the point where he could use a walker and be able to move around independently.  Yay Connor!

Today Jeremy and I finally finished up Ellen's letter for her latest care package.  It was so incredibly difficult to figure out what to say!  It's about a page and a half long and took me about three hours to write, which is around two hours and forty-five minutes hours longer than it normally takes me to write a letter of that length.  Hopefully now that we have our introduction letter out of the way future letters will be much easier to compose.  We've sent it off to our adoption agency for translation, and hopefully when we get it back in a week or two we can send Ellen's care package on its way to her!

We'll probably start working on the next one right away.  Packages are pretty expensive to send to Thailand and we don't want to overwhelm her, so we're limiting ourselves to about one a month.  It takes us a little while to find just the right things to put in them though, so that's okay!



Bonnie said...

I follow your blog but usually lurk, not comment, but have you been including pictures or postcards of your area? She is probably very interested to know all about where she will be living, and having a LOT of knowlege, even being able to visually recognize places, will make it less scary when she does move.

It's all going to be totally strange, so having visual references that she will recognize may be really reassuring to her. Even, or especially, stuff like your front yard, or pictures of your neighborhood, the local grocery you shop at, the park you go to...stuff she can recognize easily.

You can make a photo album or just tell her she doesn't have to keep the pics, that they are just so she can really see what her new home will be like.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Way to go Connor! That is awesome! So excited that things are moving along with Ellen, too.

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