Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In Which Connor Sleeps In Forever And I Break In My Skates

Connor went to bed promptly at 7:00pm last night, and he slept in until noon today!  I think he's just decided to sleep every other day or something.  I tried waking him up earlier in the day so that he'd sleep well tonight, but it was an unmitigated disaster so I had to put him back down.  Of course now he's still awake, which I kind of expected.  Oh well.  At least I got to sleep in until dang near noon too, which was good.  I needed the sleep!

I started breaking in my new roller skates today!  I bought them a few months ago, but I've just been wearing them around the house trying to loosen them up a bit until the season was over.  It's always an adjustment breaking in new skates, and since I'm a fairly new skater anyway changing equipment in the middle of the season didn't sound like a good idea.  So now we're in the off season and I figured it was time-- especially since my old skates are starting to fall apart.  I do a lot of skating outdoors, which is not particularly good for the leather. 

Also I fall down a lot, which isn't good for them either.

It's interesting getting used to new, higher quality skates.  My new skates are a lot lighter and also much more responsive, so tonight I found myself moving over to the other side of the track way, way faster than I expected, which made for some interesting timing issues.  I would go to hit someone and end up completely missing them because I tried to start the hit way too early, and then end up flying off the track because I'd overcompensate in the other direction.  It feels kind of like I suddenly switched to power steering!  By the end of the scrimmage, though, I felt like I was finally getting a better handle on how they moved.  I'll keep working at it and hopefully in a couple of weeks they'll feel as natural an extension of my body as my old skates did. 

Of course, I still have to really break the leather in, which is not going to be fun for my feet.  Tonight was especially interesting because I took the inserts that came with the skates out and then forgot to put my new ones in, so I ended up with my feet directly on the bolts inside the skates.  I don't really recommend this as a good idea if you like having, oh, skin on the bottoms of your feet.  I should probably go ahead and put my inserts in so I don't forget again. 

My feet will probably thank me for that.

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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Sleeping every other night does not sound fun. Of course, it is better than not sleeping at all!

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