Saturday, July 23, 2011

In Which Jer And I Take A Day Trip And Dodge Optical Illusions

Today Jer and I took a day trip to Vashon island!

Actually there's not a whole lot to Vashon island.  There's a large lavender farm, which Jeremy and I immediately labeled the Farm of Death due to the fact that Connor is wildly allergic to lavender.  There's a tiny downtown area in Vashon, where we got some tasty Indian food and popped into a number of cute art galleries and antique stores.  There's a coffee roasterie too, where Jeremy found some green coffee beans.  Guess I'll be hearing the smoke alarm go off tomorrow!  I found some Jamaican rum tea at the same place-- who knew such a thing existed?  It smells like just what it sounds like-- spiced rum.  I'll give it a try tomorrow morning and see how it is, though I'll probably feel strangely guilty about drinking it before four in the afternoon.

Other purchases of the day include smelly soap, some extremely tasty caramels and, of course, a book or two.  What date of ours would be complete without books?

So anyway, one of the highlights of the trip was actually the ferry ride over; I saw a seal in the wild for the first time!  A harbor seal swam alongside the ferry for a few minutes, bobbing up every once in a while to take a good look at the cars and people.  I've seen harbor seals in zoos of course, but it was really neat to see one in its natural habitat.  I always forget how big they are.

Connor stayed with Joanna of course; apparently he wasn't too happy about sharing his toys with Jo's daughter-- who is old enough now to start getting enthusiastic about whatever Connor's playing with-- but otherwise he had a much better day.  He only had two seizures and they were both really tiny.  Oh, and of course he's not asleep right now.  But other than that he was good!

Jer and I left the island in the early afternoon and stopped at one of my favorite cafes in Tacoma for a sandwich and some time with (of course) our current novels.  We finished out the night in the movie theater, where we saw Captain America.  My official review: it was so-so.  It had a few good one liners, but otherwise we weren't terribly impressed.  We actually ended up leaving about five minutes early so we could be home in time (and also so we could stop by the cupcake store, which was on the way and which I had been raving about all day) but I don't think we'll sit through the whole thing again just to find out what happened.

We accidentally saw the movie in 3D, which was interesting.  The last time I went and saw a movie in 3D I had to put on those little paper glasses where one lens was red and the other was blue, so I was a bit taken aback when they handed me what looked like a pair of cheap but otherwise perfectly normal pair of glasses.  Guess the technology has advanced quite a bit from when I was a kid!  They still did that thing where they threw stuff directly at the screen so it looks like it's going to hit you in the face, though.  I spent half the movie ducking, which I'm sure was highly amusing to the people seated behind us.

So all in all it was a good day!  I love spending time with Jeremy wherever we end up going, and it's so fun to explore the Puget sound area and see what neat discoveries we can make together!



maggiemagillicuty said...
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maggiemagillicuty said...

Vashon Island?????I just now happen to be reading a book by Betty MacDonald titled, "Onions in the Stew", all about her life during WW2 on Vashon Island! Wow! An island that I had previously never heard of and that I would dearly love to visit flashing on my radar twice in as many days!! That must mean something..!If you've never read her, I highly recommend checking her books out. She's a cross, at least to me, of Shirley Jackson and Erma Bombeck, with a little "The Bitch in the House" thrown in for good measure! Of course, if you do know of her and her splendid tales, you will have your own opinions....Oh! I read your blog all the time!! I enjoy the way your voice very clearly comes out in your writing. And Connor is adorable! That mop of blond hair!

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