Friday, July 22, 2011

In Which Duct Tape Makes Great Nautical Props And Cupcakes Are Delicious

Today I had respite care for a good long while, which was lovely.  I used it to do a little cleaning, spend some time shopping and just as a chance to get out on my own for a while!  Connor had four seizures, but they were all really small ones, which was good.  Despite the seizures Joanna kept him awake today in an effort to get him to sleep through the night, but it doesn't seem to have worked as the little guy keeps waking up.  Oh well.

Other activities today included building a four foot high anchor out of cardboard, dowels and duct tape with a friend (which looks every bit as impressive as you might imagine an anchor prop made out of cardboard and duct tape might look) and also going out for a rather disappointing dinner with Jeremy.  It certainly wasn't the company that was the trouble; it was the fact that the sushi place we went to has really gone downhill.  They used to have fairly decent quality conveyor-belt style sushi, but then a Vietnamese restaurant moved in next door to them and to compete they lowered all their prices to $1 a plate.  Then they started slicing their fish really, really thin and stocking the conveyer belt almost exclusively with maki (heavy on the California rolls and imitation crab spider rolls) instead of nigiri sushi, which means in order to get any nigiri plates you have to request them from the chef.  On a busy night now it can take twenty minutes to get a single plate of nigiri.  I think Jer and I are going to need to find a new sushi restaurant to frequent.

Luckily I did have one thing later on in the evening that made up for the lousy dinner: dessert!  There's a new cupcake shop that's just opened up in town, and not only do they serve coffee, but on weekends they're open until one in the morning.  This is incredibly awesome, because if I wake up at midnight and decide I need a cupcake, I can just hop in the car and go get one!  And their cupcakes are delicious, too.  I tried a chocolate raspberry one today and it had a raspberry ganache center that seriously made me want to whip up a batch of truffles to try and recreate the experience.  I think Jer and I have found our new end-of-the-date hang out spot now that our beloved bookstore is shutting down.

Midnight cupcakes for everyone!


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krlr said...

Mmmm... cupcakes. You can be a terrible influence!

Have you gone in to B---- to peruse the sales? Went on Fri for more kids' books & felt like I was raiding a grave, but it was only 10% off, so then not so much.

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