Friday, July 1, 2011

In Which I Go Shopping And Indulge A Bad Habit

Connor finally slept through the night!   I can't tell you how thrilled I was with this.  I mean, I love sleeping in as much as anyone on vacation, but I prefer it to be because I want extra sleep and not because I want any sleep at all.

I didn't sleep in this morning, though-- I got up early to drive into the city with my mother-in-law and go shopping!  I left Connor in Jer's capable hands.  Apparently they slept in until one in the afternoon, so I don't think they missed me too much. 

It was nice to have some girl time-- we shopped for clothes (at the consignment shops, of course), ate lunch at an Indian restaurant, looked at shoes and stopped at a bookstore, where I indulged my habit of buying terrible, terrible romance novels.  We're talking bottom of the barrel, 50 cents a pop sorts of books, folks.  I have yet to find a book to top Pregnesia, but that doesn't stop me from searching.  I get weird looks when I read them in public and keep busting out laughing, but I can't help myself.  I picked up three romances that made me giggle when I read the back covers, and one mystery that I'll actually read for something other than comic relief. 

We'll see how they are!


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Julia O'C said...

That sounds like FUN!! I don't have the kind of MIL I can shop with, so I envy you that. I'd say more but I can't because of my Stalker SIL.

Does Connor like fireworks? Will you be taking him out to see them?

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