Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In Which Connor Has A Trick Knee

Connor had a much better day today!  He didn't have any seizures, and he seemed to be in an extremely good mood.  We kept busy for a lot of the day, which probably helped; he loves to keep moving!

Today we went in to get his hearing aids checked out and it looks like he probably won't need new earmolds for a while.  His hearing aids are in great working order so the appointment ended up being much shorter than we expected.  I don't really have a problem with that!

We haven't had to use the Sad Hat in a long, long time by the way; Connor leaves his hearing aids in all day and now he even asks for them if we haven't put them back in after his nap.  The only time he takes them out is when it's extremely noisy, and in that case they probably aren't doing him a whole lot of good anyway.  It's probably good that we haven't had to use Sad Hat, because I think he's probably outgrown it! 

He's developed some other interesting quirks, such as his trick knee, which I am probably going to have to take him in for to get checked out.  Connor likes to put his toes in his mouth.  On the right side this isn't a problem, but on the left side he gets his toes up far enough by partially dislocating his leg at the knee.  This is a bit disconcerting to watch to say the least; obviously it's not causing him any pain or he'd quit doing it but it isn't really something I'm very excited about!  It pops back in (sometimes audibly) when he puts his leg back down.  I'm sure that will be a fun doctor trip.  We have to break in a new primary care manager anyway, so we'll add this to our list of things we need to cover.


In other news, Jeremy and I sat down this evening and had a good talk about what exactly we want to put in our introduction letter to Ellen.  While we of course already love her to pieces and wish we could share those sentiments with her, we decided it's probably going to be best if we don't gush about how amazing she is, how we already feel she is our daughter, and the eight billion other things we could say about how we feel about adopting her.  This is because she hasn't spent the past nine months poring over every photo, video and piece of information she can find about us like we have about her.  Also she hasn't had a family for thirteen years and we might overwhelm her if we come on too strong.  So while we probably won't be able to resist putting in a line or two like that, for the most part her letter will likely cover more mundane things, like who the heck we are, where we're from, things we like to do, etc. 

We'll keep it simple.



Julia O'C said...

Your description of Connor's knee made me cringe. Awesome party trick, though! Also good for covert operations; it will make it easier for him squeeze into small spaces.

The letter thing really has been haunting me, but then I am not as talented a writer as you (I'm not even sure that the previous sentence even *was* a sentence). I know you well enough to know that whatever YOU write will be perfect.

Julia O'C said...

*to* squeeze into small spaces....::sigh::

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