Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In Which Connor Stays Up Late

Okay, this is going to be a really short blog post, because I am very, very tired.

Guess what time Connor decided to go to bed last night?  Or perhaps I should say, what time he decided to go to bed this morning.  5:30am-- that's what time.  He went to bed at around 7:00pm, his usual time, napped for about an hour and a half and then decided it was Fun Play Time until literally about ten minutes before the sun rose.  Then he napped again until around 8:00am, and then refused to go back to sleep. 

As a result my sweet, happy child was replaced today by Grumpster McSaddykin, the crabbiest child in the whole entire universe.  He went into hyperactive delirious mode in the morning and got steadily more frantic until he had a complete and total meltdown around 11:00, which is when I tried to put him back down for a nap.  He fell asleep almost immediately, but there were Real Tears beforehand, which is pretty unheard of for my kid.  He slept until 2:00 and then woke up and almost immediately had another major meltdown.  Fun times. 

We went to occupational therapy at 4:00-- we were supposed to go this morning but Jolie graciously rescheduled when I called her and asked for a post-nap time.  The kid seemed to be interested in the new toys she brought out, and when I say interested I mean "didn't have a major meltdown when being forced to touch them," which is pretty much all we could ask for today.  He also refused to open his eyes for most of the hour, and in between touching things he kept telling us he was tired and waving goodbye to Jolie.  All in all it was not one of our more productive sessions, and needlesss to say he didn't show off any of his new bouncing skills.  About the only time he perked up was when I told him it was time to go home.

He crashed this evening, so I'm going to take advantage of it and get as much sleep as I possibly can!  Hopefully he'll stay down tonight.  There are only so many days I can run on less than two hours of sleep without getting kind of loopy!


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Julia O'C said...

Oh, no!! Connor discovers not only his hinges, but ways to *unhinge* both his mother and himself!! NOT COOL, LITTLE DUDE.

Emmett has taken to getting up at 5AM every morning. Not as bad as what you're going through, but not fun, either. What is UP with our boys?!

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