Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In Which We Are Home!

We're back home!

I am utterly exhausted, so this post may not make a whole heck of a lot of sense.  Because we bought last-minute tickets, there weren't a whole lot of available flights left when we made our purchase.  Booking an airplane flight with Connor is always interesting because it's like playing Health Russian Roulette, and we don't like to speculate too far out in advance.  Anyway, I had to make a choice between booking our flight at an ungodly hour or having a five hour layover between flights.

So that's how we found ourselves getting up at 3:15 in the morning (1:15 in the morning our time) in order to get to the airport a couple of hours before our flight.  Glorious.

Added to the fun was the fact that Connor didn't get the memo about us needing to get up so early, and so he stayed up until the wee hours of the morning.  I ended up getting just under two hours of sleep, which is not a particularly good way to start out a plane flight.  Connor slept in the car on the way there and in the plane, of course.  I coped by consuming amounts of caffeine that probably should have caused heart palpitations. 

It's a good thing we didn't skimp on how early we got there before the flight in the interests of getting a little more sleep though, because Jeremy forgot to take Connor's extra formula and the camera out of his backpack at security so they had to search the backpack and send it back through the x-ray and then give him a pat down and I had to go through the scanner.  Connor got his usual pat down check, and they searched his wheelchair, of course.  Also they had to check all of Connor's medications to make sure they weren't illegal drugs or explosives or something.  They took extra precautions because somebody's g-tube pump came up positive for explosive residue again.  Whee!!!  We're guessing that this time the "explosive residue" was from when I stored a container of Connor's glycerin suppositories (we use them when he gets sick and sort of, um, stopped up) in the top part of the g-tube backpack a few weeks ago. 

So learn from my precautionary tale, gentle readers.  Don't store glycerin suppositories in anything you're planning on taking to the airport, okay? 

At any rate, it took us a pretty long time to get through security for obvious reasons, but we still didn't have to rush for our flight because we got there a full two hours early.  Not only that, but because the flight wasn't full and we were pleasant to the kiosk manager when we got the tags for our bags, the gentleman behind the counter let us know that the front row of the plane was totally empty and we could sit there instead of our cramped middle-of-the-plane seats.  So we got extra foot room and the full attention of the flight attendant, who thought that Connor might possibly be the Just The Cutest Child Ever To Draw Breath. 

Connor acted obligingly adorable the entire flight, of course.  He knows a good audience when he sees one.

Getting to the second flight was just a little more hectic; the Minneapolis airport (where our layover was) is laid out in the most ridiculous convoluted fashion and our connecting flight was on the complete other end of the terminal.  We ended up racing there at top speed and arriving somewhat out of breath just as the last large body of people on our flight boarded.  After another uneventful flight (though sans the adoring Connor fan, which made it slightly less pleasant) we arrived home.  I spent the rest of the day dragging myself around the house doing various chores, and Jeremy spent the day taking apart our washing machine, which is currently lying in about eight different pieces on our laundry room floor.

But we're home! 


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Julia O'C said...

Oh, I forgot about the washing machine issue! Do you find that when you return home from a trip, that it seems like you have a billionty loads of laundry to do, even if you did laundry while you were away?

Glad to hear that your home safe and sound!

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