Sunday, September 18, 2011

In Which Connor Goes On Strike

Still no seizures!

We're on day four of Connor's No Sleepathon, and I'm staring to get a little punch drunk.  I'm losing the ability to think coherently enough to figure out what we did today and actually blog about it.  I know we did stuff to day.  Tons of stuff.  And it was really fun, too.  I just can't remember off the top of my head what it was.

So um, yeah.  That's pretty much it.  Some stuff happened, and then some other stuff, and for the love of Pete it's one in the morning and why isn't my child asleep yet? 

I know why.  He's on strike.  It's this whole The-Cousin-Is-In-My-House-Playing-With-My-Toys thing.  He's decided to punish me by never sleeping ever, ever again. 

Oh, and I just heard something running around up on my roof, or more disturbingly, possibly in my attic.  So now I'm more awake, but only because I'm contemplating whether or not I really need to go up in the attic right now to check and see if there's something in there, or if I can wait until it's, you know, not one in the morning.  No doubt confronting an angry raccoon while standing on top of a ladder armed only with a flashlight would really wake me up.



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