Thursday, September 22, 2011

In Which We Are A Couple Of Sickykins.

So not only is Connor sick, but he decided to share the wealth.  I woke up this morning feeling okay,but as the day progressed I've gone rapidly downhill.  Little tiny construction workers have set up their jackhammers inside my skull and are currently drilling directly into the back of my eyeballs.  It's a less than pleasant sensation.

This explains why I felt so lousy at derby last night.  My body was saying "Red Alert!  Red Alert!  Germs are invading!" 

In Connor, the sickness has manifested as congestion, vomiting, and lots and lots of seizures.  He had seven today while on Ativan.  I'm not really surprised by this; whenever he gets sick he seems to have a whole bunch.  He's not really running a fever, but I think just having his immune system fighting off a bug is enough to trigger his seizures. 

So Connor stayed home from school, and we spent most of the day being miserable on the couch together.  We read a few books, watched Kung Fu Panda and took lots and lots of naps. 

I think we're probably up for a similar day tomorrow, unless Connor shows miraculous, dramatic improvement. 

Fun times.



Julia O'C said...

Oh, Jess!!! I'm so sorry! Ugh. I hope you guys both feel better today.

Julia said...

Sorry to hear it! Mary Poppins is my go-to video when I'm feeling lousy; Ben's seems to be Free to Be. (Just some suggestions in case Kung Fu Panda doesn't see you all the way through to good health.) Hope you both feel better soon.

leah said...

I hope you guys get better soon - I love fall, but not the fall germs!

Cars is Nolan's go-to movie. Cars has seen us through a lot of hospital stays and car trips - not to mention days with the flu!

The Land Before Time movies might work well for Connor-they might even have a velociraptor as a main character...

Emthe said...

That's teh sux0r. I hope you guys feel better soon.

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