Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In Which Connor Has More Seizures

Connor had five seizures again today.  This time the longest one was two minutes.  Looks like I'll be putting in a call to the neurologist's office again.

Today I went out and bought a couple of child safety gates, a few cabinet cinchers (or whatever they're called-- those things that go around two adjacent cabinet doors so you can't open them) and about eighty bajillion of those little plug covers.  I'll install it all tomorrow while Connor and I are hanging out around the house; I'm guessing we probably won't be going much of anywhere tomorrow if his seizure trend continues.  I need to get some cleaning done anyway, so that's okay. 

I'm wondering if he's starting to get sick-- he was running a low-grade fever this afternoon, which is often a sign of a cold coming on for him.  He tends to get sick right at the beginning of school; something I suspect is true for a lot of kids.  Either that or I took his temperature too close to one of his seizures; oftentimes his temperature goes up a little bit after one because all of his muscles are firing.  It's like an involuntary super-hard workout.  He's not congested or anything, so we'll just have to see.

We'll keep searching for our magic pill and hope that we'll find something that will keep his seizures at bay.



Anonymous said...

I hope Connor isn't getting sick, and you can find something that keeps the seizures off- poor kiddo must be feeling awful after this many.
Anyway, I just wanted to leave a comment saying hi really, I found your blog through Hopeful Parents ages ago and I kept coming back. Because Connor is so cute, and you make me laugh, and I love the roller derby stories (I have a friend who does it here in Australia and I think it's awesome). But I was feeling like a weirdo stalker (which I'm not- promise!) for reading about your life every day and never saying anything, so...hi!

Simply, Sarah said...

Beginning of school year illness. I hope Connor kicks it in the pants and gets better soon, with NO MORE SEIZURES!

leah said...

The beginning of school is a germ-fest. I hope he doesn't get too sick!

:-( for more seizures. I hope you can get into the neurologist quickly.

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