Friday, September 23, 2011

In Which We Are Still Sick And I Watch A Ton Of Derby

Connor and I were still both under the weather today, so once again he stayed home.  We ended up spending the day either reading, napping or watching roller derby on the Internet.  The Western Regional Playoffs are going on right now in Portland, and Derby News Network is streaming them live.  So I watched something like six straight hours of roller derby today, which is perhaps the most time I've spent watching any television-like thing since I was in high school.  But it was kind of the perfect sick day sort of thing to do, so I have no regrets. 

Also I took notes on interesting game strategy.  No, seriously-- I have a little notebook I use especially for derby-watching notes.  I'm a complete and total derby nerd.

Connor only had five seizures today, which is a downtrend from yesterday's seven and a sign that he's getting better.  He spent practically the entire day asleep, which is another sign that we usually see when he's in recovery.  I also felt much better than I did yesterday-- I no longer have gremlins attempting to drill through the inside of my head, though I'm still kind of achy and have that feeling of general malaise.  Looks like this particular illness is turning out to be a 48 hour bug, which I have zero problems with.

Jeremy, who has a cast iron immune system, is still irritatingly healthy.  He made up for it today by bringing me a Chocolate Explosion from Adamo's, our local coffee hangout.  It's sort of a chocolate shake on steroids.  Since this particular Martian Death Flu doesn't involve my stomach and I've been spending all day cooped up on the couch, I've pretty much exhausted my stash of tasty chocolaty things. 

Hopefully I'll be feeling well enough tomorrow to venture out and restock!



Fiona said...

Glad you guys are feeling better Jess. Please send Jer over here with one of the Chocolate Explosion thingies too!
Sounds fab :-)

Anonymous said...

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