Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In Which Loki Tries To Invite A Friend For Dinner

Connor had a better day today; he slept in until noon (not surprising since he stayed up past midnight), but we didn't see any major seizures.  He and I rotated out some of his old toys and played with them for a while, but for the most part we took it easy today. 
About two in the afternoon I heard this weird squeaking noise coming from our living room-- it sounded like someone was running a squeegee up and down a pane of glass really quickly.  I peeked my head around the corner and saw Loki standing up on his hind paws at one of our windows, frantically trying to paw through the glass.  Sitting on top of our bird feeder about six inches away from the other side of the window was a very large squirrel, who was giving off an arrogant, blasé air as he watched the cat's frantic attempts to burrow through the barrier and eat him.  The bird feeder was empty and he wasn't making any attempt to eat anything out of it anyway, so there wasn't any real reason for him to be up there except for the fact that it put him at perfect eye-level for the cat. 

I've seen this particular squirrel before and wondered why Loki always got so worked up whenever he saw him, and now I know-- the squirrel obviously enjoys baiting him.  I've decided to name him Nutkin, as he seems to enjoy riling up predators and would probably end up missing more than a tail if Loki ever saw him on a day I had a window open.  Also I would be buying a new window screen. 

I thought about shooing the squirrel away and ending Loki's torture, but Connor thought the squeaky noise Loki's paws made on the window was hilarious.  So I let them be.

Crazy cat.



Anonymous said...

The joy of cats

Julia O'C said...

Weird. I know I commented here earlier.

Anyway...Connor is right, squirrels are hilarious!!

Julia said...

If Nutkin starts rattling off Austenesque riddles, make sure you get it on video. And remember that giant owl that was hanging around your neighborhood? Dollars to doughnuts it's Old Brown.

BTW, I used the phrase "dollars to doughnuts" in front of my calc students the other day, and only three of them had ever heard it before. Kids today.

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