Thursday, September 8, 2011

In Which I Take The Cats For A Walk

Seizure count today: five.  He had his first one at school this year today, so we've gotten that over with now.  The new Zonegran should hopefully kick in some time on Saturday or Sunday, so that will be good.  In the meantime we'll just keep our fingers crossed that the seizure count will start going down.

For some reason I am unaccountably tired today.  I'm not sure why; I didn't really do anything today.  Maybe the last few weeks are just catching up with me or something.  At any rate, Connor is actually sleeping tonight so I plan to go to bed early.  I have lots of things to do tomorrow so I want to have enough energy to do them! 

So I trimmed the cats' claws (yes, I trim my cats' nails once every two weeks or so) and took them out in the backyard on their leashes.  They are so cute; when they see a leash in my hand they prance over to the door and gamble about until I put it on.  Then they instantly declare that they are Not Happy about being subjected to Such An Indignity and all of their muscles completely stop functioning in protest.  Also they somehow misplace the bones in their legs.  And then I open the screen door and suddenly their bones sproing back into place, all of their muscles magically start working again and they dash outside. 

They spend the next twenty minutes or so waltzing around the backyard, surveying their kingdom, eating grass, and doing mysterious activities whose purpose is known only to cats.  Every five minutes or so Loki will remember that he's not supposed to like the leash, and he'll loose muscle function for about twenty seconds until he's distracted by the next clump of grass and tears off again.  Loki doesn't have a very long attention span. 

Cricket is too smart to waste any of her precious Outside Time in protest-- at least until I start trying to lead her back towards the back door.  Then suddenly she can only walk in directions that point away from the house.

I take them outside one at a time, of course.  Walking one cat on a leash is difficult enough without adding a second cat to contend with.  Cats never agree on anything. 

Crazy cats.



Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for your cats!

Julia O'C said...

Maybe you're exhausted from all of the stress brought on by this new bout of seizures? While I don't know firsthand what it's like for you when this happens, I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that it's REALLY FREAKING STRESSFUL. Really, really stressful - and physically and emotionally draining.

Your cat stories are great.

Julia said...

In agreement with Other Julia on that -- stress is exhausting. I'm going to go ahead and write your opening line for tonight's post, to save you the trouble: "Today's seizure count: Zero. Nada. Zip." Here's hoping you'll be able to use it.

gloria said...

I'm thinking you need to post pics of your cats on their leashes. (I trim my cat's nails too. It's the only way to save my furniture.)

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