Monday, September 19, 2011

In Which I Can't Even Think Up A Title Because I Am So Tired

Connor had two seizures today; both of which were fairly minor.  Hopefully this isn't the start of a new seizure cycle.

Just because he had two seizures today doesn't mean he's going to let up on his No Sleep Ever strike, though.  Last night's bedtime was two in the morning.  If the amount of talking and giggling I'm hearing over his monitor right now is any indication of how tonight is going to go, I think he's going to aspire to even greater non-sleeping heights of glory.

So I'll be up playing Spider Solitaire for the next five hours or so; that's what I end up doing when my brain gets to the point that it no longer functions due to sleep deprivation.  I play on 'hard mode,' because then I can not feel so bad about the fact that I don't win very often.  I've played 316 games on hard mode and won a grand total of five, so I don't really think winning too often will be an issue any time soon, but, you know, it's the principal of the thing.

Seriously, sleep would be so great right now.


Julia O'C said...

So sorry, Jess. I hope this cycle ends soon.

Julia said...

Sleep deprivation is the worst -- I'm sorry it's hitting hard. Plain old Freecell was my addiction of choice for many years, until I finally went cold turkey. I'll start chanting: No more seizures, sleep sleep sleep. No more seizures, sleep sleep sleep.

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