Monday, September 12, 2011

In Which I Contemplate Childproofing And My Cat As Battering Ram

Connor had five small seizures today; the longest lasted about a minute.  Looks like it's probably back to the drawing board on his meds.  Whoo hoo.

When I wasn't cuddling an exhausted and crabby boy on the couch today, I spent most of my time figuring out exactly what I need to do to childproof my house.  Our respite care worker Joanna's little girl is getting closer to crawling every day, and since she spends so much time here it's important that we have a safe environment for her.  We never bothered to childproof things for Connor because not only does he not crawl, walk or move himself around in any fashion, but also even if he could he probably wouldn't want to touch anything.  So despite having a five year old in the house, this will be our first time child-proofing.

While it might be another month or too before C is crawling, I want to get this taken care of this week because we've got relatives arriving in town soon-- including a chubby cheeked, adorable, extremely high-energy one year old.  This kid is extremely bright, and also does not believe in walking anywhere if he can run. His parents have assured me that he will do his very best to test out every nit-picky detail of our childproofing.  So I need to get on the ball and make sure I've got everything taken care of before he arrives! 

So I've got my list of things we'll need now, and I'll be going out and seeing what all I can find off the list over the next few days.  I'll also be doing some rearranging-- I think all my knives are going to find a home in a higher drawer.  Then we just have to train the cats to jump over a gate to get to their litter box.  No doubt they will be highly amused.  I'm thinking Loki is just going to try and run through it, since that's what he does to all of our doors and windows.  Since we don't have any stairs we'll probably get the pressure mounted ones (plus I'm not thrilled about the idea of drilling into our door frames) so if he built up enough speed before he rammed it maybe he'd be able to push it down with his skull.  He's the Juggernaut of cats.  I'm not sure he has any brain cells left, so it probably wouldn't do any damage.

Crazy cat.


Mary said...

If our braintrust cat can figure out how to scale a baby gate, surely Loki can too. After a few (many) headbutting attempts, anyhow.

megan said...

These are my 2 favorite child proofing gadgets:

Good luck with childproofing!

Julia said...

Our cat is way too corpulent to jump over any gates, so we got plastic ones and cut a hole in each just large enough for her to pass through. Big enough that an unsupervised toddler *could* wedge his head through, but not shoulders, and this was just something we had to monitor. We never tried to baby-proof our house completely, just the basics plus lots of supervision.

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