Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In Which I Do Not Have A Fun Day

Well today was, um, interesting.  And by "interesting," I mean "absolutely no fun at all." 

Connor had six seizures today, and after consulting the neuro office we ended up bumping up his Zonegran, which has the fun side effect of making him the limpest wet spaghetti noodle kid the world has ever seen.  He napped off and on for about eight hours today and then Jer put him to bed at around 6:30, where he crashed.

I wasn't here to see that part though, because I was supposed to be in a roller derby meeting but was instead sitting in the traffic caused by a combination of Taylor's Swift's concert and an accident.  My normal commute to our practice space is about twenty to twenty-five minutes.  I spent a glorious hour and forty five minutes staring at tail lights and coming up with new and innovative torture methods for Taylor Swift's entire vehicle driving fan base. 

So I finally arrived home after my second meeting (thanks to Ms. Swift I completely missed the first one), glanced at the calender and discovered that I'd completely blown off Connor's appointment with the pediatric orthopedic surgeon, which was apparently yesterday.  And now I really, really, really need some chocolate.

Sigh.  Tomorrow will be a better day, right?  I guess we all have some of these.



The Sopers said...

Here Here. It was that kind of day over here too. Having a glass of wine myself! :)

leah said...

What a day! Tomorrow has to be better. Do cocoa trees grow in your area? Because I'm thinking in might be a good idea to start growing your own chocolate (an endless supply)!

Here's to a much calmer, seizure-free Thursday.

Julia O'C said...

Oh, I'm sorry! And I hope today is a better day! I'm here if you need to vent.

Julia said...

Considering how many specialists and appointments you have on your plate, I wonder how you make it to even half of those appointments. Very sorry to hear about the seizures and the increased meds. And sitting in traffic (like grading calculus quizzes) must be the modern-day equivalent of getting bitten by a vampire, since it just sucks the essence right out of you. Too bad garlic seems to have no deterrent effect.

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