Friday, September 30, 2011

In Which Connor Inherits A Nasty Surprise

Connor seemed to be feeling kind of puny today-- he threw up during his quiet time after he got home from school.  Once his quiet time was over he didn't want to do anything, and just kind of wilted on my lap.  As time went by he became more and more agitated.  He had on the Saddest Face In The World, kept rubbing the left side of his head and squinting his eyes shut whenever he glanced up at the lights or out the window, and the poor little guy seemed to be pretty nauseous.  After playing the "Guess The Body Part" game for a little while, I finally determined that it was his head that was the issue.  After some consultation with Jer (and a thorough going over to make sure he didn't have any other symptoms that could indicate a medical emergency, such as another brain bleed), we determined that he was probably having a migraine.

This may sound like a kind of odd conclusion to jump to, but it's not as unlikely as it seems; migraines run in a couple generations of Jeremy's family and typically start up early in childhood.  Typical family symptoms included nausea, sensitivity to light and pain on one side of the head.  That sounds pretty familiar.  When you add that people with Connor's types of seizures (complex partial seizures) are much more likley to have migraines, the idea starts to not quite sound so farfetched. 

I know that technically you can't call them migraines until you estaiblish that they are reoccuring, so maybe I should just call it a really, really bad headache.  It would be pretty fantastic if we could keep calling it that because it only happened once.

So we dosed him with some acetaminophen-- pretty much the only pain medication he can take since he's on an Aspirin regime too-- and he fell asleep on my chest soon afterwards and slept for about an hour.  When he woke up he was a whole new kid; cheery, smiley and obviously feeling great.  So evidently whatever was going on with him was over. 

I'm hoping we won't see a repeat performance of this any time soon; the kid doesn't really need to add to his list of unpleasant, debilitating things that can affect him at any given moment.  He has enough fun conditions, thank you very much!  I'm hoping this was just a one-time thing or that at the very least if he does end up with reoccuring migraines he only gets them once or twice a year.  I'll keep a close eye on him in the next few weeks to see if it happens again.



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