Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Which Connor Is Too Hot Or Too Cold

Connor seemed a little tired today; maybe they worked him hard at school.  Joanna came over the watch the little guy after he got home, and she said that most of the day he was in an "I don't want to do anything" sort of mood.  He might still be recovering a bit from being sick last week; hopefully he'll perk up tomorrow.

He's been having a bit of trouble sleeping at night and for once it's not due to the insomnia.  He has trouble regulating his body temperature and so when the weather turns nippy getting things just right for the first few weeks is kind of a delicate operation.  If we bundle him up too much he starts overheating, making him throw up (and eventually have seizures, if we don't correct things fast enough) and if he gets too cold he starts shivering uncontrollably and throwing up.  And this time of year, the temperature outside can change more quickly than our heating system can regulate, meaning he swings from one end of the pendulum to the other pretty often during the night.  So we spend a lot of time in the first few weeks of fall piling blankets on and taking them off.  Also we change a whole lot of sheets.

So I'm off to bed now; I want to get as much uninterrupted sleep as I can before it's time to go change the bed again.  Hopefully in a week or two the weather will stabilize and the little guy will be able to catch a break!


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