Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Which Connor Is Hot Stuff

So Connor apparently decided we just needed a little break, because he's up to his usual tricks again.  He had two seizures today (thankfully small) and has decided that since he didn't have school today he's going to stay up all night in revenge.  Oh well.  At least he was still in a pretty good mood today and, other than being a little tired after the seizures, played the day away. 

Since I actually got sleep last night and Connor was feeling pretty good, I spent most of the morning catching up on the housework I'd been putting off in the last couple of weeks while Jer and Connor hung out.  Then in the afternoon the three of us strolled down to one of the local playgrounds and spent some time hanging out there.  This particular playground is not the best one for Connor-- there are no swings (his favorite activity) and the slides are a little too high and long for him to really enjoy them-- but it has the advantage of being in full shade.  This is pretty essential for the little guy when we have hot, sunny weather and want to spend any amount of time outdoors because he can't sweat, so he quickly overheats.  Even though we stuck to the deep shade we only spent fifteen minutes playing before he started getting too hot and we walked back home.  We stripped him down and had a play session with some ice cubes wrapped up in a few paper towels to cool him off.  He had mixed feelings about the put-the-ice-pack on Connor game. 

Then this evening Joanna came over to take care of Connor so Jer and I could go out for a date!  We kept it simple-- we stopped and ate at a local restaurant, drove to a bookstore in Tacoma where we spent an hour or two browsing, and then finished the evening up at a local cupcake (and coffee, of course) shop.  That could be the description of any one of hundreds of dates we've been on over the years, but our routine never gets old. 

I hope we're still going out on our bookstore-and-coffee-shop date for many years to come!

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Julia O'C said...

"I hope we're still going out on our bookstore-and-coffee-shop date for many years to come!"

You will be! <3

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