Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In Which I Write Way, Way Way Too Much About Very Little

Connor's seizure count today: four.  Of course after he had his first one before seven in the morning I told his teacher that he'd be having some during the school day for sure.  Of course he had a fantastic seizure free school day, and then started up with the seizures again five minutes after we got home.  Isn't that the way it always goes?

In other news, this seems to be my 1,000th blog post.  Holy crap that's a lot of listening to me drone on about covert pediatric laxative buying, insane cats and possibly illegal amounts of chocolate consumption.  I'm not sure if I should congratulate people who've read the whole entire thing or question their sanity.  Either way, party hats for you all!

I have no plans to stop writing any time in the near future, because it's an ingrained habit now and also because I get at least ten e-mails wondering why the heck I haven't blogged any time I skip a day.  So I'm pretty sure I'll still be doing this when I'm eighty, only then I'll be blogging about things like misplacing my teeth and how I like to threaten random bystanders with my jewel topped cane.  I plan on being a wickedly eccentric old lady, which, judging from where I am now, should not be difficult.

Fun fact: if I did indeed blog every day from now until I was eighty, I will have written over 19,000 blog posts.  Wow.  That's makes hitting 1,000 posts look kind of insignificant.  Maybe I'll hold off on the party hats for a few decades.

Of course I'm not sure what I'd be celebrating anyway-- it's not like I put a whole heck of a lot of effort into these things, as is probably painfully obvious.  I just sit down before bed and write about whatever happened that day, and if nothing happened I either write about that or digress off on some crazy tangent about velociraptors or possibly cheese.  I like cheese.

Um, so yeah.  1,000 blog posts.  Crazy.



Julia said...

I'll still be reading at 19,000. I don't recall any cheese posts at the moment. Pediatric laxatives and crazy cats, yes, but no cheese. I like cheese, too. Please write more about cheese. Maybe you could do Fromage Fridays, like the Medical Mondays.

Jess said...

How have I possibly neglected the topic of cheese? Apparently I have only mentioned cheese in a sad 13 blog posts, but I've mentioned chocolate in over 70. This is a travesty! I must remember to blog about cheese more often.

I am eating cheese right now, actually. Brie, to be specific. It is delicious.

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