Friday, September 2, 2011

In Which Connor Has A Better Day And I Witness Toddler Playground Deprivation

Connor went off to school in a much better mood today, and we didn't see any seizures, which was great!  Maybe we're back to a one-a-week schedule; wouldn't that be nice?  I'd prefer them not to be twelve minute seizures, but I'm not going to complain too much.

Since it's Labor Day weekend, Jeremy was off of work today so we got to spend some quality time together.  He has at least four day weekends on most of the federal holidays, which is a pretty nice perk if you ask me.  So we dropped Connor off at school together and then ate a leisurely breakfast at our local coffee shop.  After that we went for a long, lovely walk down at Bradley Park. 

The weather was absolutely perfect-- that glorious blend of warm sun with just a hint of crisp fall coolness-- and there were plenty of people out enjoying the morning.  Some were enjoying it a little more than others, though; at the entrance to the park we saw a group of young mothers lying on yoga mats all in a row doing Pilates, their children in strollers parked down by their feet.  They're a pretty consistent group, and I see them out there doing various circuit training exercises a few days a week.  Most of the time it looks like a really great way for moms to get fit together.

However today they'd decided for some inexplicable reason to do their exercises about thirty feet away from the huge and completely deserted playground, which was in easy eye shot of the children.  There were some extremely unhappy kids in those strollers, let me tell you.  Jeremy and I were probably risking hearing loss any time we got within fifteen feet of the group.

Can't say I blame the kids, though.  If I were that close to a playground and strapped into a stroller, I'd probably scream too.

Anyway, all in all the day went really well and I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with my boys! 



bioniclissa said...

Yay on Connor's improvement!! :) Does Jeremy still work in the Army? I can't wait for Fall!! I love it!

Julia O'C said...

Why would one torture a child like that? "Oh, look, baby! A park! You can't play there, though! Not ever!"

Anyway, glad you had nice day with Jer and that Connor is doing well.

Jess said...

Yes bioniclissa, Jeremy is still in the army and right now has every intention of remaining in at least until he hits retirement.

Julia: I know, right? I think there should be a law against that sort of thing; it's totally cruel and unusual punishment.

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