Thursday, September 15, 2011

In Which Connor Plays Rip Van Winkle

This is what Connor did all morning.  He's totally faking it.
No seizures today!

Connor was not terribly excited with me when I woke him up for school this morning; he really wanted to sleep in.  So he decided to play possum.  The first time I woke him up he opened his eyes, glared at me, and closed them again.  I went back in ten minutes later and sang him a loud, annoying Good Morning sort of song.  He buried his head in the sheets and pretended I didn't exist. 

Five minutes later Jeremy walked in to say hello before he went to work.  He took Connor's blankets off and tickled him a little bit.  Connor curled up, folded his hands under one ear in the classic "I'm sleeping" position and kept his eyes firmly shut.

He kept them shut while I put his clothes on, and when I strapped him into his wheelchair, and put in his hearing aids, and rolled him into the van.  He opened them up to watch out of the car window on the ride to school, but as soon as I deployed the ramp and he saw me standing there ready to unstrap his chair he shut them again.  He even kept them closed when we walked into his classroom.  I talked to his teachers for a little bit, and every once in a while he'd crack his eyes open to see if we were paying attention to him.  When he saw that we were watching him he'd shut them again really quickly.  Maybe he thought that if he kept up the act long enough I'd believe it and put him back to bed. 
This is what Loki did all morning. He's probably not faking it.

 Of course he had a great day at school once he decided he actually wanted to wake up and pay attention.  Silly little guy.

So Joanna came over after he got home from school and I went out and took care of the 800 errands I'd let stack up that I didn't want to take Connor with me on.  Poor Joanna-- Connor spent the entire day declaring he was horribly bored with everything in the entire house; probably in revenge for me forcing him to be awake and go to school and have tons of fun and stuff.

Oh well.  It was still a pretty great day, even if Connor refused to admit it.  Jer and I even went on a date once he got home from work!  It involved dinner, and then (what else?) a coffee shop and books.  We are nothing if not creatures of habit.

Of course, Connor does seem to be having a bit of trouble sleeping tonight.  Apparently he spent a little too much time during the day with his eyes closed.  Maybe if I go in and sing a Good Morning sort of song to him it will do the trick.  It sure worked this morning.



Anonymous said...

That is a very happy cat

Julia O'C said...
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Julia O'C said...

Your first three words absolutely made my day: No seizures today. That could have been your entire post and I would have been quite happy.

Does Connor know how funny and cute he is when he's playing possum or is he seriously trying to convince you that he's sleeping? Either way, he's an awesome kid.

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