Thursday, September 1, 2011

In Which Connor Goes To School And The Fire Truck Comes To Our House Again

Today Connor went back to school!

I'll admit it-- I did a little happy dance when I got up that morning.  I love my sweet boy absolutely to death, but the couple of hours of alone time I get four days a week during the school year is hard to beat.  So I waltzed into his room and reminded him that he was going to school today.  He got really, really excited for a bit, and seemed pretty ready to go.

When we got to the door, he started getting a little nervous.  You can see he's not quite sure about this whole school idea even though he's an old pro at it-- this will be his third year in the same preschool classroom.  When we got to school I actually thought he was going to cry for a minute or two.  Poor little boo-- I guess all of the sudden he felt pretty anxious.  I don't know if it was because I was leaving him (and with this seizure record this summer I've pretty much been glued to the kid) or if it was because we got there early and he thought none of his friends were showing up.  At any rate, after an uneasy moment or two he settled back down and apparently the rest of his school day went great!

Unfortunately the rest of the day was not quite so wonderful.

We had a quiet afternoon, and it was getting into early evening when Connor started having a seizure.  We gave him Diastat three minutes in, and around seven minutes called 911.  All in all it ended up being about twelve minutes long.  He stopped seizing about a minute before the ambulance and fire truck pulled up.  They took a good look at him and, after calling one of the local hospitals for the okay, let us sign the form refusing transport. 

One of the EMTs actually recognized Connor from one of his seizure episodes at school over a year ago.  Guess the little guy is pretty memorable.

So he's been asleep now for a few hours-- I don't think insomnia is going to be an issue tonight.  But we'll be giving the neurologist a call tomorrow.  While Connor thankfully kept breathing through this one, it was not an experience we particularly want to repeat.


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