Friday, September 16, 2011

In Which Nutkin Visits Again And Connor Does The Opposite Of Sleeping

No seizures again today!

Connor went to school sleepy again this morning, only this time it was the real thing.  He was up until 2:00am the night before, which meant, of course, that I also got to stay up until 2:00am.  Whoo hoo.  And guess who's awake again tonight? 

So in lieu of writing anything remotely resembling a quality blog post, I'm going to show you a couple of pictures I took today of the next installment of the Loki Torture Program being run by our local squirrel.  Yes, Nutkin has decided that there is nothing more fulfilling in life than spending at least an hour every day harassing my cat.  He usually stops by in the early afternoon; I figure he probably makes the rounds of all the frustrated housebound cats in the neighborhood to keep their cardiovascular systems in good shape.  It's a service he's providing.

Presumably some of those houses have bird feeders to sit on that actually contain birdseed, because Nutkin sure doesn't look like he's hurting any in the nutrition department.  Somehow I can't imagine this squirrel working too hard for his food either.  If he had to do that, he wouldn't spend all day entertaining himself by harassing my cat.

Nutkin: "Are you sure there's no birdseed in here?"
Loki: "Pleeeease can't I eat him just a little bit?"
 Though perhaps I should say "entertaining herself," because after reviewing the pictures I took it becomes evident that Nutkin might actually be a girl.  In which case I suppose we could always call her Nutkina, though I think Nutkin is a pretty solid unisex name.  The squirrel was surprisingly modest about such things on camera, which is surprising considering his/her otherwise rather forward personality. 

Oh well. 


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Julia O'C said...

How about Nutkyn? Too precious? I know. I kind threw up in my mouth just writing it.

But hey, another "no seizure" post!! Life is good!!

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