Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In Which Connor Gears Up For Next Year And I'm On The Mend

I can hear Connor singing his little whale song over the monitor right now; it looks like he might be up a while.  He sounds a lot like Dory out of Finding Nemo, only without the actual words part.  It's very cute-- and I can appreciate just how cute it is way more now that somebody else is staying up listening to it at two in the morning. 

The little guy had his IEP this afternoon to talk about the rest of this school year as well as next school year.  He's going to be in a self-contained classroom at a school that's a bit farther away, but the teacher-to-student ratio is amazing and I think the class is going to be fantastic for him.  I've heard nothing but wonderful things about his new teacher-- who we got the chance to meet today-- and he seems like he'll be a great fit for the little guy.  We haven't toured the classroom yet, but already it sounds like they're doing some really, really neat things in there, like a twice-a-week music session, which the little guy will no doubt absolutely love. 

They also have a peer interaction program where typical fifth graders visit the classroom once a week, and since the little guy is the cutest kid in the universe (in my completely unbiased opinion) he'll probably be mobbed by the girls.  I'm predicting he'll have the entire female population of the fifth grade wrapped around his little finger by the end of the first month. 

This will probably be Connor's class until he's in the sixth grade, so I'm excited that it's such a stellar program and I can't wait to see how he'll grow!  We're going to plunge right in and send him full-time, and if that doesn't work out we'll scale back.  I'm always amazed at just how much the little guy can do, so I don't want to make the mistake of underestimating him. 

In other news, after sticking to a super-strict regime of icing, elevating and anti-inflammatories today my knee is looking pretty good.  The swelling has almost completely disappeared and, while it's still tender (especially right around the kneecap) I've got complete range of motion, I'm moving around pretty well and I think once the deep bruising goes down in a few days it will be right as rain.  The icing has done all the good it will at this point and it's not really swollen any more, so tomorrow I'll be switching over to taking long soaking baths to loosen things up.  Like I need an excuse to take long soaking baths.

I'm going to talk with my doctor just to get the all-clear and to look into getting a knee brace since I don't particularly want this to happen again (and apparently it's more likely to reoccur now if I did in fact pop the knee cap out) but I'm optimistic I'll be back on skates soon!



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