Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In Which Connor Has A Bajillion Seizures

Well today did not go particularly well.

It started off just fine; Connor and I drove down to his new school and got a chance to check out the classroom and meet some of his teachers and his future classmates.  It's a fantastic room, and it looks like he'll probably fit right in.  We were there for about twenty minutes before Connor had a seizure-- one of the stay-conscious-but-turn-sort-of-blue variety.  So while I guess it's good that they've seen one of his seizures now and know what to look out for, it's not exactly how I wanted to end our school tour.  When I felt him after the seizure he seemed pretty warm, and sure enough it turned out he was running a low-grade fever.

That was the first of eight seizures today, most of which he needed oxygen for.  He spent the vast majority of the day sleeping across my chest and melting down completely if I wasn't within touching distance, so I know he wasn't feeling good at all.  We kept him dosed up on Tylenol, but he was still running a low-grade fever even with it and also he had some issues keeping his food down, so I think he's probably getting some sort of bug.  It was not the best of days, to say the least.  His little eyes are all bloodshot right now from the oxygen deprivation and he just seemed miserable.

I hope this will be a short bug and he'll be back to feeling good soon, because I'd hate for him to have another day like this one. 


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Julia OC said...

I'm sorry, Jess.

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