Saturday, May 5, 2012

In Which I Have A Bout And A Busy Day

Connor got to come to his first bout of the season this year; we didn't have respite care for the bout this time and since he's been doing so much better with loud noises we thought we'd try it again.  Last season we tried taking him to a couple of bouts, but after the first twenty minutes or so he completely freaked out and we had to take him home.  This time he made it through not only my bout, but the bout afterwards too!  Of course we left his hearing aids out, because that would have been way, way too much stimulation and he wouldn't have been able to hear anything in there anyway.  But it ended up working out well, and I think he had a good time. 

That's my big boy.

So we won, and I didn't break my arms or legs or anything, so that was pretty great.  And the little guy is actually asleep right now, so that's an added bonus.  Maybe we'll take him to the next one too!

Other things I did today included stopping by the farmer's market (I didn't realize it had started up again this year until I drove past it-- I just thought the traffic was really bad), attending a baby shower and spending quite a bit of time sprucing up the garden out back.  I'm very, very slowly filling in the flower beds foot by foot.  In about fifteen years or so, maybe I'll be done!


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