Thursday, May 24, 2012

In Which Connor Is A Sickykin

Connor had a not-so-hot day today, though it started off pretty well.  He went to school, came home and had his quiet time, and then spent some time in his stander watching a couple of episodes of season one from The Muppet Show.  It was only after he was completely done with his stander time and I was setting him up to work with his iPad that the day started going downhill.  He had a seizure that lasted twenty seconds or so.  Then five minutes later he had another one.  At that point I checked his temperature and discovered he was running at about 100.5.  I gave him some Tylenol and made him up a little bed on the couch.

Within twenty minutes he'd had four more seizures and it was obvious that he was going into status; he'd have a seizure, fall asleep afterwards, wake up for twenty seconds or so and then have another seizure.  So during the fourth seizure I gave him a dose of Diastat, which we haven't had to use for months.  He actually perked up shortly after the Diastat (which isn't exactly how Diastat is supposed to work and tells you just how lethargic he was) and it stopped the seizure cycle until the Tylenol had a chance to kick in and bring his temperature down. 

So he snoozed for most of the afternoon, perked up a bit in the evening and then conked out right at bedtime.  I'm hoping that this will be a quick bug and he'll be over it soon; he sounds a little stuffy but other than the fever doesn't seem to have too much else going on.  We'll take it super easy tomorrow and see how he feels.



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Julia O'C said...

Oh, yuck, Jess. I'm sorry. Hope he's having a better day.

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