Monday, May 14, 2012

In Which Connor Has A Gap In His Grin And It's Hot Around Here

Connor lost another tooth today!

This is his third lost tooth, and it hung on forever-- it's been loose for about five months.  It's one of the bottom lateral incisors, so you can't really see it unless he opens hims mouth really wide.  He's been sticking his fingers in there all day to feel the gap, though; I don't think he quite knows what to make of it!

He spent the day indoors today because it was too hot outside for him; temperatures got up to 80 degrees.  We don't have an air conditioner installed in the house yet (believe me it's on the list) but we've got a temperature gauge in Connor's room that alarms if it gets warmer than 75 degrees in there, and we're setting up a fan in his room tonight.  If this weather continues he and I are going to be spending some long hours at the mall; we're not supposed to get any rain for another week and a half.  Evidently Washington decided to skip spring entirely and plunge headlong into summer. 

The cats have been enjoying the weather because it means that all of the windows and the sliding door are open, and they can sit six inches away from them and pretend they can actually reach all those squirrels and birds on the other side of the screen, but are choosing to let them go because they are too lofty and dignified for that sort of thing.  Or at least that's what Cricket it doing.  I suspect that one of these days Loki is going to get a little too fired up and we'll be replacing one of our screens. 

I did a little planting outside while Connor was at school, but I didn't work on the patio because mowing the lawn gave me a glorious case of hives and I figured I probably shouldn't push it.  If this keeps up I may have to make Jer finish out the yard.  It's getting kind of ridiculous.


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