Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In Which We Have A Welcome Visitor

Today was another crazy busy day!  It included a trip to the hospital to drop off one of Connor's hearing aids for repairs, lunch with a couple of friends, yet another trip to the nursery and a whole lot of digging. 

Connor not only slept through the night, but he even slept in a bit this morning!  So I think he's getting used to having somebody in the room with him.  I'm wondering if he'll have some issues this weekend when all of the sudden somebody isn't in there; we'll just have to see how he weathers the transition.

Of course the little guy just started yelling at the top of his lungs, so maybe I spoke too soon.

While I was working out in the garden this afternoon I discovered to my delight a little green tree frog sunning himself right next to my frog statue in the herb garden.  This is the first tree frog I've seen at this house, and spotting the little guy made me really happy because it means that the garden is starting to be able to support wildlife. 

When we first moved in the backyard was practically deserted-- probably because the only vegetation was some overgrown bushes and a couple of trees, there weren't really any flowers, water sources or sheltered places for hiding, and it was obvious by the number of chemicals we found in the garage that the folks who lived here before us favored the "kill everything" strategy of weed and pest control. 

So that adorable little green peeper is a great sign that the garden is starting to support a healthy ecosystem again.  I've also seen at least three times the number of bees in the garden than I did last year, our bird population is booming and the butterflies are making regular visits.  Our mason bees have been busy filling up the nesting tubes, and quite a few of them are sporting little mud plugs at the ends now.  I think next year I'll probably expand to a bigger bee house! 


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