Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In Which Connor Is Cooped Up

It's been a week of late nights for me; last night I didn't get home from derby practice until almost 11:30pm, and tomorrow I have a scrimmage that will put me getting home at around 12:30.  Even with that schedule I'm still getting way, way more sleep than I've gotten used to.  It's amazing what a difference it makes!

So I spent today getting some of Connor's medical paperwork squared away, catching up on laundry and, of course, gardening.  I tried digging out some more of the patio area but only got another foot into it before I started sneezing and itching again, so I switched gears and worked on planting out some of the pots on my deck.  It looks like it's probably going to be a bad idea for me to keep handling the grass since the hives are coming on much faster, so Jer is going to finish out the patio for me this weekend, because he is awesome like that.

Connor was in a bit of a mood today; he actually ended up taking two naps today-- the second one after he had a massive meltdown.  I think it's a combination of the heat outside and his teeth that's making him crabby.  We're being really careful to make sure he doesn't spend a lot of time outside, and so far he hasn't had any seizures, so that's good.  I think he's tired of being cooped up, though.  Thankfully it's supposed to be much cooler tomorrow and we'll be back to our glorious 60 degree weather by Friday, so it will be comfortable again for him and he'll be able to spend some time outdoors.

I think he's ready to get back outside and play!


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