Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In Which Connor Has An Off Day And I Start Planning For Next Year

Connor had a rough day today; he had a seizure that was about a minute long, and we had to use his oxygen.  There wasn't any one particular thing that triggered it; I think this was just his once-every-couple-of-weeks seizure.  But he did a lot of sleeping today, and so now he's wide awake and showing no signs of going down any time soon. 

I hope he doesn't stay up too late, because we're going to go tour his school tomorrow morning and if he doesn't get any sleep tonight he won't be in the best of moods for the trip.  I'm excited to meet some of the school personnel who will be working with the little guy, and to get the chance to see Connor's classroom before the start of next year.  It will also give me the chance to see how long it will take me to get to his school in the morning; I should hopefully be shuttling two kids to and from school next year so I need to start figuring out what time we'll have to leave the house!  The kids get out of school fifteen minutes apart, but their schools are twenty minutes apart.  Luckily Ellen's school is less than a block from our house. 

The real craziness will start if she decides to participate in the swim team, which starts in ninth grade.  The team practices at yet another school, and there's no possible way that I could drive across town and pick Connor up, drive back towards our place and pick Ellen up, and then drive the opposite direction across town to her swim practice and make it on time.  I don't think the school buses the kids over for swim practice, so we might have to start looking at a carpool at that point!  It's not like having Connor ride the bus would help; he's not really cut out to be a latch-key kid.  Oh well; I'm sure we'll figure something out if it comes up.

No word on when Ellen will be coming home yet, though.  We hope it will be soon!



SK3 said...

If Ellen's school is less than a block from your house, why will you need to drive her?

Jess said...

There's no sidewalk and the walk is along a busy street-- and while she is able to walk, we'll have to see how well she can handle uneven terrain.

dlefler said...

Ah, the mad school dash! We had a similar situation with preschools. My older son attended a universal Pre-K class in one school, and Nolan went to a 3 year old class in another - both started at 9:00am (and were 15 minutes apart).

As it turns out, Matt's pre-K class allowed kids to be dropped off at 8:45am, so it all worked out! I hope Ellen's school allows kids to get dropped off 10 minutes early, because that might help. And I suppose the swim team bridge will be crossed when you come to it!

I hope Connor feels better and the seizures stop as soon as he recovers from whatever bug he picked up.

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