Friday, May 25, 2012

In Which We Have An Unexpected Visitor

Connor was feeling much, much better today-- we think he probably overheated due to all the exercise he did and that's why his temperature was up.  He woke up in a fantastic mood and though his muscle tone was a bit off due to yesterday's seizures and the Diastat, he did very well.  So hopefully that means we won't see any more seizures for a while.

Today was a day for wildlife!  Loki has been gluing his nose to the sliding door and going nuts at random times during the past few nights, and I think we now know why.  He started growling and puffing up in the window on the side of our house today, and when I looked outside I saw the neighbors cat standing on our ramp harassing a very small possum, who was trundling down the ramp and doing his very best to ignore the cat completely .  I threw open the sliding door and ran outside to rescue the little guy.  The cat took off as soon as he heard the door bang open.

The possum continued waddling his slow way down the ramp, none the worse for wear.  He slipped under our fence and I could hear him making his very noisy way across the leaf mold in our neighbor's yard.  The little guy was just barely big enough to be out on his own; his body was probably about seven inches long and he was still in the ridiculously adorable phase, which doesn't last very long for possums as they are not exactly the world's most attractive creatures.  I suspect this one has taken up residence underneath our deck, which explains why I actually have hostas that are not completely full of holes this year.  Possums absolutely love to eat slugs and snails.  They usually only stick around in one place for a few days before moving on, so we probably won't see the little guy again-- especially since that darn cat discovered his hiding place.  I wouldn't mind if he stuck around; my plants have never looked so good.

Then later today I saw a ruffed grouse sitting on a wall across the street from one of the local heavily wooded parks.  I was really surprised because they aren't common around here-- usually they avoid urban areas-- and also they're pretty big birds.  So I guess it was just a day for unusual wildlife!

We finished one small project today; Jer dug out the small pathway off the deck stairs and I shoveled, leveled and tamped down paving sand, laid down some old brick, planted the spaces in between with some creeping thyme, put down a top coat of mulch and finished off with a river rock border.  Right now the pathway ends in a giant hole, but that should change soon.  Hopefully we'll have the rest of the patio hole dug out this weekend, and then I can order a couple of cubic yards of crushed stone to start the next stage of the project. 

We're slowly getting there!


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