Monday, May 28, 2012

In Which We Take A Holiday

Thanks to all of you who sent Jer and I well wishes about Memorial Day; we appreciate it!

We spent most of the day quietly at home enjoying some family togetherness, though since Jer had a holiday I did take advantage of that and asked him to hold a ladder while I replaced a couple of the spikes and ferrules on one of our gutters.  That and a bit of laundry was about all the work that happened today though, which was nice.  I took some time today to reflect a bit on just how blessed I really am.

Of course I did spend some time tromping around barefoot in the grass, which was enough to set off my allergies again.  I've really got to start remembering that I can't do that sort of thing right now.  It's annoying for me because I don't generally have allergies, so I'm not very good at remembering yet.  I'm sure after a few more glorious cases of hives my memory will quickly improve.

Connor discovered a new way to play with his ball today; he decided that banging on it with his hand wasn't fun anymore so he started banging on it with his foot.  He didn't kick the ball or anything; he grabbed his foot and used it like a hammer to hit the top of his ball (which is partially deflated to make it easier for him to grab).  It was a creative use of his foot, to say the least.  Then he demanded wild praise, and clapped for himself when he didn't think I was giving him enough.  I think he's got me pretty well trained.

Oh well.


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