Friday, May 4, 2012

In Which I Get Some Sleep And Things Are Looking Up

I'm feeling much, much better today.  It's amazing what a full night's sleep can do to improve your higher brain function.  Oh, and also once Jer got home today I took a three hour nap, and he's staying up with the little guy tonight.  Because he's awesome.

We got an apnea monitor for Connor with a video display in preparation for our night nursing starting up this weekend; that way she doesn't have to sit in a dark room with him for eight hours a night.  This thing does everything except wash our dishes; it has a thermostat (with an alarm if the temperature in his room gets too cold or hot), a night light, night vision, and a two-way communication button so we can talk to him from the living room.  The night vision on the monitor is pretty creepy, though-- Connor's eyeballs reflect the light in really weird ways-- they end up black jet with silver pupils.  Jer immediately started calling him our "demon child."  It's pretty crazy looking.

Jer seems to be feeling better, which is great, and somehow so far I've managed to miss this bug entirely.  That's a very good thing because I have a roller derby bout tomorrow and I need to be in top form.  Good thing I'm getting some sleep tonight!



Julia said...

The monitor sounds almost Seussian in its diversity of uses. Maybe if you push the right button, little robot arms will come out of the sides and tidy up around the room. (In related news, Ben has just constructed a Star On machine on the floor of my study, for the benefit of a steady stream of imaginary Sneetches, although he claims it also makes thneeds.)

Jess said...

That's awesome, Julia. That kid has an amazing imagination!

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