Friday, May 18, 2012

In Which We Play Around

Connor and I went out dress shopping today.  Well, I went dress shopping and Connor was forced to come along against his will, though at least I didn't make him try on any dresses.  The little guy is kind of hard on my clothes as a general rule and I don't buy things for myself very often, so my wardrobe was looking a little ragged.  I found two dresses, a skirt and a cardigan.  I still need to find myself some jeans as I don't think I own a single pair at this point that isn't either ripped, stained or both, but it was still a productive shopping trip. 

I also got a haircut; my hair was getting way, way too long and unruly.  I have very little patience with my hair; the less I have to do to it, the better.  So I had them chop it back to shoulder length, which is a little bit more manageable for me.  We'll see how this haircut works; if it's still getting in the way I'll go back and chop it the rest of the way off.  Hey, it's hair-- it grows back.

Once Jer got home, we decided to take load the little guy up and go out for a night on the town.  We drove up to Kent and walked around in a nice shopping district we hadn't browsed before, and then stopped in a chowder house for dinner.  Connor did extremely well, especially considering that I'd dragged him all over the mall earlier in the day.

He also managed to figure out how to get his poncho off this morning, to many, many giggles.  That was pretty exciting, because it's a new skill for him!  Of course, then he refused to keep it on.  Then when I tried putting it on him this afternoon to see if he'd take it off again, he completely refused to cooperate.  So we'll see if he figures out how to do it again.

I also did some work out in the garden today; I figured that even if I couldn't pick up and move the turf out there I could still break it up and then Jer could move it for me this weekend.  Hopefully as long as I wasn't touching it I wouldn't have a major reaction.  It seemed to work out okay, though I hit a snag when I discovered a couple of sprinkler lines (complete with heads buried three inches down and completely grown over with grass) that I'll need to cut out.  Our sprinkler system was in such terrible shape when we moved in that we went ahead and removed the backflow assembly, disconnecting the whole mess from our water supply.  If we ever decide that we need sprinklers in our yard we'd end up needing to put a new system in anyway since we're changing the shape of most of the flower beds anyway. 

We don't really need a sprinkler system here, though, so I don't know if we'll ever put it back in.  It sort of rains a lot.


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