Saturday, May 26, 2012

In Which Gardening Stuff Goes On And Not Much Else

I took my weekly trip to the local farmer's market today to pick up a few groceries and take a look at the Japanese maples to see if they might have the variety I wanted.  Lo and behold, I found a lovely specimen of exactly the tree I was looking for (Olson's Frosted Strawberry-- it's gorgeous) at a price seventy dollars below what the nursery wanted for it.  I snatched it up, and then bought another one too (a Garnet, in case you were wondering) because hey, I really like Japanese maples.  I'll have five of various heights and colors in my yard once I get these two planted.

I also got some lovely henna done, went shopping and bought a couple of new summer outfits, and took a long bubble bath.  So it was a pretty great day.  How could a day that involved a long bubble bath not be fantastic?

Jer worked on the patio area for a while, but it was pretty hot out there today so we decided to hold off and finish up tomorrow.  That way I can get started on shoveling a ridiculous amount of rock next week.  Oh boy!



leah said...

We're doing gardening stuff this weekend, too - I had to look up a picture of the Frosted Strawberry maple, and it is gorgeous! Does it maintain its color throughout the season?

Jess said...

It does! It starts out in spring with bright strawberry pink leaves and then they become varigated as the season progresses.

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