Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Which Connor Does The Wave

I was coming out of our bedroom this afternoon when Jer called me over.  He was standing just outside Connor's door, video monitor in hand.  Connor was supposed to be napping, but of course instead of snoozing away he was singing a little song to himself and staring at his hands.  Jer tilted the monitor so I could see and put his hand other hand on the door handle.  "You've got to see this," he said, and opened the door.

The second the door creaked open Connor's face lit up and he began frantically waving his arms in the air, which roughly translates in Connor's language to The Most Exciting Thing In The World Is Happening Right Now. 

Jer shut the door.  Connor's excited arm wave continued for a while, but when nobody appeared he slowly wound down, and then he went back to singing to himself.  Jer opened the door again.  Right away Connor grinned, looked towards the door and started waving his arms so hard his whole body was wiggling.

Jer shut the door.  After a little while Connor wound down again and heaved a big sigh before going back to studying his hands.  Jer opened the door again and the little guy immediately started his I'm So Happy That I'm Completely Freaking Out routine again.  This time we went in and got him so he didn't think we were teasing him too much. 

So other than confirming the fact that our kid is absolutely adorable, (which we of course already knew) we now know that he can hear his door opening even when he has his hearing aids off.  It has a pretty loud creak, which we've deliberately kept because it lets us know if the cats are trying to shoulder their way in if the door is cracked and we're otherwise occupied.  There's no way that he can see the door when the side of his bed is up, so he has to be reacting to the sound.  We don't think he's hearing the door close though (it's much softer closing), because he continues to wait for someone to come over for several minutes after it shuts.  It's interesting because his hearing drops off in the higher registers, so we're pretty impressed that he can pick out the sound. 

Also watching his face light up on the monitor when he realizes someone is coming in makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  That's my little guy!



Kathyn said...

Cool Conner!
Does/will Conner use an FM system in school? I am 14 and have used an FM scine Kidergarn.I have a hearing loss in my right ear.

Clara said...

You rock Connor!

Jess said...

Kathyn, Connor tried using an FM system in school for a couple of years, but we ended up discontinuing it. If he was in a class where he was sitting at a desk and there was one teacher talking we'd probably do it again, but his new class will have five adults in it, so it's not set up well for an FM system. He seems to get along pretty well with just his hearing aids, though.

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