Friday, June 15, 2012

In Which Connor Graduates

Connor had his preschool graduation party today!  I got through it well, by which I mean that I did most of my weeping out in the parking lot after I dropped him off and only teared up occasionally while watching the picture slide shows with the sentimental music at the actual event.  I looked up his picture from his first day of school back in 2009, and I was a bit shocked at just how much he's grown.  Seriously-- check this out:

Connor on his first day of school in 2009

Connor on Pajama Day during his school's Theme Week this year
Whoa-- I've got a first grader now.  When did that happen?

Back in 2009, on Connor's first day of school, I was caught up in the crazy events surrounding Jer's injury.  I actually mention his first day as kind of an afterthought; I didn't have any idea what the next few months would bring and I was so wrapped up in what was going on with my husband that what should have been a monumental event for Connor wasn't something I could devote a lot of attention to.  However, even though in some ways things would have been much easier if we'd simply moved back onto the army post, we chose to stay in Puyallup because of the school program for Connor.  Looking back on the past three years, I can absolutely say we made the right decision. 

He's come a long, long way from that first day of preschool! 


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Clara said...

Congratulations Connor! You are growing by leaps and bounds! Yyyyeaaahhh You! Jess, I just love your blog and I love to see all his progress, it really shows in the pictures!

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