Monday, June 4, 2012

In Which Connor Goes To The Doctor And Sports Some Interesting Footware

First thing this morning I took Connor to the doctor's office to let them figure out what they wanted to do about his glorious case of hives.  I figured I would probably take him to school afterwards, since being covered in hives and all lethargic from Benedryl are not contagious conditions and we're coming up on the very last ever days of preschool.  It's theme week at school again, and today was pajama day. 

Connor doesn't technically wear pajamas anymore; since we found out about his anhidrosis we strip him down to a diaper at night and control his temperature with blankets, which are much easier to get on and off.  One of the side effects of this change in his former routine is that Connor no longer associates pajamas with going to bed, which means he could actually wear them this year instead of completely freaking out like he did last year.

Anyway, so I took Connor to the doctor's office in pajamas with tigers riding sleds all over them and his Cookie Monster slippers.  He was very cute.  Also all of the other kids in the waiting room were totally jealous and a couple of them asked their parents why they didn't get to wear slippers out in public.  Connor is good at starting fashion trends.

We didn't have an appointment, but since I called yesterday and left a message they knew we were coming.  The lab techs, receptionists, pharmacists and nurses all greeted the little guy by name when we walked in the door, because we spend way, way too much time at the doctor's office.  Connor's usual doctor was out sick today, so we saw his backup doctor instead, who complimented the little guy on his choice of footwear and then took a good look in his ear. 

He said it looks like things are on the mend in there, so the shot of Rocephin probably did the trick and we should hold off on giving him any more antibiotics for now.  We're supposed to bring him back in if he starts running a fever again and they can try something else. 

It'll take about three days for the Suprax to leave Connor's system, so he'll probably have hives for a while longer.  We'll keep dosing him with Benedryl until they go away.  As a result he spends a lot of time sleeping right now, but it's probably a good thing as the hives are obviously uncomfortable and his body is working hard to mend things.  He did enjoy school, so I think I made the right decision there. 

The hives already look much better, so here's to hoping the rest of the week things continue to improve, and by the time school ends he'll be back to his normal happy self!


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