Saturday, June 2, 2012

In Which Connor Feels Much Better And I Play Some Roller Derby

Connor had an exponentially better day today when compared with the last few days!  Oh, we had a few small snags.  My alarm didn't go off for Connor's three-in-the-morning Tylenol dose so his temperature got up to 102.7 by the time we woke up, which of course made me feel like the most fantastic mom ever.  He spent the morning completely conked out on a little pallet we made up for him in the dining room and didn't spend more than half an hour conscious the whole first half of the day.  Once we got the Tylenol back on board his fever started to go down though, and by the end of today he wasn't running one at all. 

I had to leave the house early this afternoon to get ready for my roller derby bout, but Jeremy told me that the kid perked up in a major way and came down with a major case of the giggles: a sure sign that he's on the mend.  Even more exciting was that he didn't have a single seizure today!  I'm so, so glad that he's feeling better and that the worst seems to be over.  Since his fever is gone I'm hoping we've seen the last of his seizures for a good while. 

We had more excitement around here today than Connor's improvement, too; I played in my third home roller derby bout of the season tonight.  It wasn't so much a bout as it was a heart attack; I lost count of the number of times the lead changed, and the referees discussed the final score for over five minutes before reaching a verdict.  In the end, we clawed out a one-point victory and are headed to championships at the end of June!  I thoroughly enjoyed the bout even if it was completely nerve-wracking, and my knee held up well so that was a big relief.  I'll ice it tonight and take it easy tomorrow just to give it a rest.  Connor and I can convalesce together. 

I'm so, so glad we figured out what was going on with him!


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Mary said...

Oh good. Tell Connor that Aunt Wugaboo is glad he's feeling better! Love all of you. :)

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